Confidentiality is the Cornerstone.

Lawyers and judges need to know when they call or come to JLAP that their involvement with JLAP and their conversations with JLAP staff, committee, agents (referrals), or volunteers are confidential. JLAP client confidentiality is protected by Arkansas Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program Rule 10.


Volunteers are an integral component of JLAP’s mission to extend services throughout the state of Arkansas. Our volunteers provide peer counseling when a lawyer or judge calls for assistance, and they serve on intervention teams to help those legal professionals who may not realize they have a problem. JLAP volunteers also serve as speakers who help educate the legal profession about addiction and mental health problems.

Helping judges, lawyers, law students and families find personal solutions…now.

Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP) services address a range of issues.

•    Stress and Burnout
•    Anxiety, Depression, or other Mood Disorders
•    Anger Management
•    Substance Abuse
•    Process addictions, such as food, sex, gambling
•    Grief and loss
•    Work Transitions
•    Balancing the demands of practice and family

ARJLAP provides private self assessment tools to help you.

Arkansas Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program provides family member, judge, attorney and law student assistance in the form of free therapy services. When appropriate, JLAP will make referrals.

One of the quickest and easiest and most private ways

to determine whether you have symptoms of certain illnesses is by taking a screening test.