Confidentiality is the Cornerstone

confidentialLawyers and judges need to know when they call or come to JLAP that their involvement with JLAP and their conversations with JLAP staff, committee, agents (referrals), or volunteers are confidential. JLAP client confidentiality is protected by Arkansas Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program Rule 10.


If one calls as a colleague, partner, employee, employer, spouse, family member, or client, the communication with JLAP is confidential and never released to the person for whom the referral is made without the written permission of the referral source. However, JLAP cannot take anonymous referrals. Lawyers, judges, and families who self-refer and request consultation, treatment referrals, or peer assistance can do so in complete confidence.

Disciplinary Referrals

JLAP is a separate entity from the Office of Professional Conduct, the Office of Judicial Discipline and Disability, and the Office of Professional Programs. The only communication between JLAP and these offices occurs with written authorization for disclosing specific information. If the participant is referred to JLAP as the result of discipline proceedings, reports of only compliance/noncompliance are required. Additional information may be disclosed to a disciplinary body with signed Release of Information.

Record Keeping

JLAP does not report client information to any local or state organizations. JLAP only makes public statistical, non-personal demographic information, such as the number of clients served, issues addressed, and services provided.