Thank you to Arkansas Bar Foundation for their support of healthy lawyers, judges and law students. JLAP is the grateful recipient of a $2500 grant that has gone a long way to help us provide services to clients in rural Arkansas through the Client Outreach Project. Thank you to all who are a part of the Arkansas Bar Foundation!

2016 Sponsors of the Arkansas JLAP Advocates Dinner

We wish to thank all of those who have so generously given to further the work of JLAP, helping judges, lawyers, their families, and law students to return to mental health and well-being. This furthers the mission of JLAP to protect clients, litigants and the larger community by helping these individuals and families through difficult times.


Pulaski County Bar Association
Pulaski County Bar Foundation
The Murphy Foundation
University of Arkansas School of Law
Wright, Lindsey & Jennings, LLP


Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Hon. Annabelle and Henry Tuck
Collins, Collins & Ray, PA
Diane & Jack Browne
Friday, Eldredge & Clark LLP
Herrod Law Firm
Ledbetter, Cogbill, Arnold & Harrison, LLP
Mitchell Williams
Simmons First National Corporation
Susan Reasoner
UALR William H Bowen School of Law
Wolff & Ward, PLLC
Zachary David Wilson, PA


Bradford Health Services
Byrd Law Firm, PA
Cearley Law Firm, PA
Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, PC
Elements Behavioral Health
Gill Ragon Owen PA
Green & Walton Law Firm
Johnson & Vines PLLC
McKenzie, Vasser & Barber, PLLC McMath Woods PA
Jane & Mike Moore
Oasis Renewal Center
Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center
Quattelbaum, Grooms & Tull, PLLC
Robertson, Oswalt & Associates
Rose Law Firm
Wagoner, Mann & Kemp, PLLC


Arkansas Medical Foundation
Rivermend Health Centers
Bank of the Ozarks

2014 Chris Thomas Walk Donors

Amy J. Rappaport
Annabelle & Henry Tuck
Barbara Van Wormer
Beth & Todd Harmon
Boo Jennings
Bruce Simmon
Burton & Pamela Mitchell
Carol Miller
Carolyn Dowling
Colleen Reasner
Craig Strong
Cynthia Nance
Dana Rowlett
Deborah Taylor
Donna Gay
Frances Fendler
Gary Cooper
Gene Jennings
Gregory Francoeur
Gwen Miller
Jack Browne
Jack W. Holt
Jacob Wells
James and Lynn Monk
Jeffrey Eisen
Jennifter Glasgow
Jim McHaney
Jimmy Moses
John Pedersen
Kathy Webb
Kay Ellis
Kent Grubaugh
Leigh Muniz
Leo & Emiko Hamill
Leslie W. Steen
Marc & Gingie Watson
Marilyn Dowling
Marty Snyderman
Max Jong
Michael Cahill
Michael Hausknost
Mike Moore
Pat Miller
Richard Unser
Robert Trammell
Roger Glasgow
Roy Martinez
Sacks, Glazier, Franklin, & Lodise
Sean Rourke
Sharon Butcher
Steve & Shirley Scott
Steve and Becca Fry
Susan Rogers
Tara Hays
Terri Gizzo
The Hill Family Rev Trust
Theresa Sonnleitner
Tracey Harris
Van Gearhart
Wally & Julie Allen
William Souza
Woody Thomas