Lawyer Assistance

lawyer-assistanceThe biggest barrier to getting help for a lawyer is the feeling that you are alone and the shame of anyone knowing the pain and fear you are experiencing. It helps to discover that, in fact, you are not alone. The following articles may help with that. And knowing that the is a place where you can go where you will be accepted with unconditional positive regard, understanding, and all in confidence. That place is JLAP. In the meantime, you might want to follow the links to a few articles.
Addressing the needs of Lawyers in Addiction Treatment
Depression Takes a Heavy Toll on Lawyers
Tricia S. Heil. An Elephant in the Law Firm: Maybe No One Will Notice: Getting Help for a Colleague in Trouble-A Step-by-Step Guide Reprinted from the Texas Bar Journal 1995
High-Functioning Alcoholics: Lawyers Are Not Above The “Bar”
Nova Scotia Lawyer on Depression
Lawyers who have experienced similar troubles in some way can help other lawyers effectively. JLAP lawyers who understand the issues and are genuinely concerned are ready to help their colleagues. Call the JLAP office and we can connect you with a caring supportive volunteer lawyer.